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The Gravity Race Story


  • 2018


    The idea was born in my head at the end of december 2018. Remember this feeling.. so excited that i have the chance to make my own 2D Game using Unity Engine.

  • 2019

    January - March

    In the next three months i planned to make my game with good cars physics, awesome design, smooth controls, perfect animations, story telling, parrlaxing, advanced camera controll and special effects built for Android, iPhone and WebGL but… i was still young). Very soon i realised that is not so easy to accomplish all my goals set for this short period and i left the game for a few months thinking that i will never be able to make it the way i want it…


  • 2019


    Rise again! After trying many thinks i understand that i love to make Games and i had a lot of fun during the journey especially when my friend was playing my creation and found interesting mechanics. In the next 4 months comes learning time and i learned enough to make not a realistic but a fun car engine physics that include car jumpings.

  • 2019

    August - september

    Start small and do it! To finish a game can be a very hard challenge because … many factors, but sometimes the average progress is accomplished in few days if the focus is set to make it work then polish it to shine. Also making a good game involve hours of testing and playing with the settings to get desired results, so i played for hours …


  • 2019 - 2020

    November - May

    A very long pause… Because my focus moved to generate passive income to be able to finish and promote my game. Was hard and not really fun this period.

  • This Summer!

    June - August

    I am Back! This summer the Gravity Race Classic will be finished and available for Android and iPhone on the market. This time i have the experience the knowledge and all it takes to actually finish it! This mean that very soon you will smash police cars performing stunning tricks!

    This Summer!

  • Soon

    Very very soon

    To be continued …

Gravity Race Classic

The game that was made while escaping the cops!

Coming soon …

Your mission is to cross the finish line and stay alive!


A night ride full of danger, thousands of explosions and dirty cops are  waiting for you. Get the best car and try to escape! Cops will perform stunning crazy tricks trying to stop you. Never allow them to destroy your car!

Smooth controls, hard collisions and selected music will get you in the mood of night ride retro vice game. Have fun smashing the cops and see just their wheels flying arround!

The streets are full of obstacles and heavy cars ready to jump over you! Your mission is to cross the finish line and stay alive! During the  ride you may observe incredible tricks, crazy cars and waving explosions.

Total insanity on the streets and no gravity at all!


A five stars Game

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